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We offer many car and vehicle services. No job too small.

  • 4 Wheel Alignment

    Wheel alignment (tracking) encourages even tyre wear. Making your tyres last longer. Keeping you on the straight and narrow!
  • Tyres & Balancing

    Excellent choice of tyres, and even custom orders if you are looking for a specific tyre. Our wheel balancing will also make sure you get the longest life and best performance out of your tyres, promoting even tyre wear and a smooth ride.
  • Engine Diagnostics

    Is your engine warning light on? Abbey Service Station can fully diagnose your car to find any issue with your car engine. We use the best technology in our diagnostics to support all car makes and models.
  • Clutches

    Installation of new vehicle clutches.
  • Servicing

    Servicing your car regularly not only increases the life of your car but also keeps it running smoothly and efficiently. Abbey Service Station offer many levels of car servicing. From small routine checks to full yearly car service!
  • Timing Belts

    It is very important to follow your vehicle requirements when it recommends you to change your timing belt. Should the old belt break – this could be extremely damaging to you cars engine. We can install new timing belts when the time comes to make sure this never happens.
  • Brakes

    A vehicles brake system is the single most important system on any vehicle! You want to be safe on the road, so keeping your brakes working at optimal performance is very important.
  • Air Conditioning

    We can fully service & repair your Air Conditioning system
  • Abs

    Anti-lock brake systems are an important saftey feature on any modern car. They allow the tyres to keep traction under braking, keeping the driver under control in imperfect conditions.
  • Air Bags

    It goes without saying how important air bags are. Here at Abbey Service Station we can service your car air bags to make sure they will work should they been needed.

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